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Zeta logo, is composed of a grid of nine circles, 3 by 3 and write down the ZETA, this link returns to the home page

Zeta Training Center

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Thinking about accessibility!


Zeta is an association among Braille, the conventional form of the alphabet,  and the cell phone technology.

A direct association with the grid 3×3 of any numeric keyboard existing in cell phones. We see that is possible to match several ideal points, with a direct association to the 3×3 grid from the numeric keyboard of any cell phone, once there is a space for the form of the letters´ structure used in the typing .

To give a good example, imagine the letter “A”. See that it has two lower points – as follows, we would start drawing  it from the point 7 (of the zeta’s grid) and to the point 9 – this way, the letter A is the coordinate  of the numbers (7.9).

Another example, now imagine letter “C” – see that it has two lateral points. This way, we would start designing it from point 3 (of the mobile phone grid ) and end at point 9; this way, letter “C” is the coordinate (3.9).

With this we simplify the understanding of the language for the blind people who have already had the opportunity to know the alphabet, as well as those  people who are not handicappedto understand how the special alphabet works.

In our project, the numbers are represented by themselves as they are already in the grid. That is, during a time interval, if you type: only once, you will have the corresponding number; twice, an alphabet letter, special charactersmore used  or accents; and three times, other characters.