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Privacy Policy



Last updated: 12/03/2013

Welcome to Zeta Systems Intelligence ( Zeta Trade of Software Ltda- ME).

This politics of privacy aims to provide trust on the measures of protection of privacy, and to ensure you we take the privacy of users, seriously. It has guidelines and information that explains how we deal with the users of ZETA KEYBOARD data base; in other words, it informs you: which information are collected (from the ones never collected), how they are utilized, and how you can interact with it.

To build and maintain a trustful relationship with the ZETA KEYBOARD users, we work with diligence to protect their data collected and stored, to the best we can,  preserving their privacy. With the intent to provide a high quality experience of services to users, we collect information and develop statistical data; therefore, for greater clarity, we ask you to read carefully the following:


The Information we collect

In order for us to implement: the correction of defects, the update of the application, the continuous evolution of the product, providing the necessary support and, above all, the execution of a good service, we collect:


  • Technical data related to your Android devices, peripheral, systems version, and installed applications;
  • Anonymous accidents, and statistics of ZETA KEYBOARD use;


To protect your privacy and safety, we garantee:

  • We never collect or store data inserted in the password fields, through ZETA KEBOARD;
  • We never collect or store logs of the Keys presses/entry during the use of the application

That is, the use of the basic functions of text entry ZETA KEYBOARD does not allow the collection of any sensitive information about you such as: personal data, records typed messages, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

We also clarify that during the installation process of ZETA KEYBOARD, you will receive a warning message about the possible collection of Sensitive Information, but it arises from the standard procedure adopted by Google in any downloaded keyboard system with Google Play, and poses no vulnerability to the integrity of the application. Nevertheless, we recommend that you make the download  of the whole product exclusively with Google Play, so you avoid any action or attempted action of malicious third parties to capture your Sensitive Information.


 How we use the information we collect

As we explained, we use the information we collect, basically to provide a safe service with high quality. Among other things, we may say we use your information to:


  • Try new resources, improving the functionalities and the efficiency of the product;
  • monitor indicators, fix technology problems, and keep your safety;
  • Update the applications;
  • Provide the appropriate support;

 How we share the information

We do not sell, exchange or lease/rent any information we collect; the information will only be used to carry out lawful activities, as described in this policy, and in the contract of license of the end user.


The access to the collected information is restricted to our employees; however, we can share the information with:

  • Organizations that help us to provide you services (service providers);
  • Other companies that are part of the Service developer group, which , or that may be part of it due to: acquisition, merger, bankruptcy, dissolution, division, liquidation, etc.

How we store the information

Zeta Systems intelligence makes every effort to protect your information, using the best technological means of the internet to ensure both the safety and the efficiency of the service itself. But, it is importante to acknowledge :

  • The information we collect may be stored and processed in Brazil or any country where Zeta Systems intelligence ( or the group’s company) keep instalations.
  • We utilize reliable safeguards to protect the collected information;
  • The Zeta Systems Intelligence disclaims liability for failures in cases of disponibility, continuity, and utility of application.



Revoking the license of use and clarifying questions


If you do not agree to the terms and conditions o four Privacy Policy, you may revoke your license within ZETA KEYBOARD at any time.

Also, if you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us. Our address is:

ZETA TRADE OF SOFTWARE LTDA-ME, legal person of private law, CNPJ: 08.582.377/0001-08, located at Avenida Sete de Setembro, 4923, room 202, Àgua Verde, Zip Code: 80240-000, Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil.

 Changes to this Privacy Policy

 Zeta System Intelligence reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by updating its content, according to the needs of the technological improvement or the application itself.

We will make every effort to alert the users of those changes when they occur.

The changes are effective immediately upon their posting in our website area.