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The history of language Zeta

Founded in 2004, the company Zeta System was born with the objective of using the technology to make people’s lives simpler. Lately, its product portfolio has been growing and the degree of satisfaction of its clients has been increasing.

New projects, new challenges: this is the fuel that moves us every day.

A new method of data input for mobile devices which besides being faster and user friendly allows the social network inclusion of blind people.

There are today two text technology methods for mobile devices, the multi-tap and the predictive methods (iTap and T9). Despite their widely use, these methods have some weaknesses such as relatively slow-pacing text entering and difficulties to understand.


  • 3% of the Brazilian population ( the blind population in Brazil is close to 16 millions. In South America this number goes up to 55 millions.)

  • 97% literacy rate (national average is 88,4% according to the UN).

  • 45% with income between 1-5 minimum wages (Brazil average is 16,5%.)


Merging two respected languages together a new data input method was created. Braille and Graffiti (Palm) combined form a simple and intuitive method breaking boundaries between the blind and people with normal vision.

A large number of the mobile device users around the world are excluded from data access. Likewise, other functionalities are also rarely used such as access to bank accounts for example. The blind is forced to seek help to access their bank accounts and with Zeta it is possible to overcome this issue.

Gather business partners who are willing to make Zeta accessible on their affordable devices, are interested to distribute these devices on wide market and networks. Zeta is the most innovative social network inclusion solution to an significative number of the population, since it could be the first mobile phone for blind people in the world.